Procurement and Contract Management Officer at European Medicines Agency

Job grade: AD06
Internal/inter-Agency job grade: AD06 and above
Type of position: Temporary agent
Selection procedure reference: EMA/AD/1225
Job title: Procurement and Contract management Officer
Deadline for applications: 30 January 2020 23:59 CET

About this role

Early 2019, the Agency was going through a reconfiguration of the procurement and contract management function. In this context, two existing groups were merged into a unique procurement and contract management service. The Procurement & Purchase Standard Service is the procurement arm of the Agency striving to deliver best in class services to internal stakeholders and engage with external stakeholders using most relevant and appropriate tools.

The Agency is looking to fill in specialised roles in the area of procurement combined with expert skills and knowledge in one of the following areas:

A. Project Procurement and Technical Specifications Writing
B. Legal and Quality Assurance
C. Market and Financial Analysis, including Planning and Reporting

As a Procurement and Contract management Officer, you will contribute to the sound management of programmatic procurement activities and engage in delivering best in class results to highly challenging files. Your specialised role will allow to equip the service with key expert knowledge in one of the above listed profiles.

Alongside conducting full lifecycle procurement activities, you may also be exposed to the coordination of a small group of a motivated team composed of around 15 high skilled staff. You will ensure that all works will be delivered in accordance to the highest international procurement and supply standards, in compliance with the EU public procurement framework.

In this challenging position, you will make sure that the overall procurement and contract management efforts are met to efficiently and effectively maximise value for money. You will work with divisions, departments, services and project managers to coordinate centralised direct and indirect sourcing, procurement and contract management efforts. This will include working as a focal point / business partner with the internal stakeholders from business requirement identification to final goods or service delivery. You will also be responsible for leading initiatives in developing, coordinating and implementing activities in your relevant field of expertise.

Job description

Candidates will be required to indicate their profile choice in the application. Only one profile can be chosen.

Reporting to the Head of Service Procurement & Purchase Standards, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

Common to all profiles

• Working as a business partner to ensure the implementation of effective planning, monitoring and reporting of procurement in a systematic manner;Developing, leading and executing purchasing strategies for the relevant portfolios, in close collaboration with key internal stakeholders;
• For each procurement category assigned, establishing the procurement strategy in collaboration with EMA business/technical staff, by carrying out risk analysis, market survey and financial analysis of the related requirements;
• Supporting EMA business/technical staff in the drafting and review of tender specifications, including selection and award criteria aiming to enhance procurement procedure clarity and chances of success;
• Taking part in the opening, steering the evaluation and negotiation of the offers as well as the award of contracts in collaboration with EMA business/technical staff;
• Monitoring and following up the contracts with respect to the legal, administrative and financial aspects, in collaboration with legal and financial colleagues;
• Contributing to the dissemination of procurement and contract management knowledge in the organisation;
• Driving continuous process improvements and innovation initiatives including e-procurement solutions;
• Working with other EU agencies on mutually collaborative agreements with a view to leveraging on market experience and combining buying power;
• Performing other duties as request by the Head of Service.

Profile A: Project Procurement and Technical Specifications Writing

• Contributing to the development, streamlining and implementing of EMA’s procurement policies and procedures;
• Providing technical specifications drafting support to business partners facing tendering and contract management issues at all phases of procurement;
• Project managing the accreditation of the Service against highest standards set out by external audit/certification organisations (e.g. CIPS);
• Drafting technical specifications for procurement areas such as commodity, IT, facilities, business consultancy, etc.
• Providing expert support in assessing financial and technical risks within the area of procurement and developing appropriate solutions;
• Ensuring proactive implementation of cost containment policies and objectives throughout operational procurement activities, considering all phases in the product lifecycle (procurement, operation, maintenance and disposal) as appropriate.

Profile B: Legal and Quality Assurance

• Monitoring relevant legislation and case law in the field of procurement in order to ensure compliance with the rules applicable to EMA outsourcing;
• Working as a business partner to resolve complex contract management issues, including application of contractual penalties, contract termination and advice on ownership and intellectual property issues;
• Ensuring all necessary and legally compliant procedural steps are taken for the launch, evaluation and award of EMA procurement procedures;
• Providing support in Supplier Relationship Management with respect to legal aspects and handling pre-litigation cases with vendors;
• Drafting opinions, reports and working documents on any legal problem occurring during day-to-day operations and in the implementation of applicable rules and policies;
• Participating in drafting and developing templates for the call for expression of interest, call for tender, contracts, general conditions and all the related commercial documents;
• Analysing legal documentation and conduct studies/analysis on the relevant legal and regulatory environment in which the Agency carries out its activities;
• Translating legal documents into model documents / templates and incorporating legal opinions into contractual arrangements;
• Providing first line legal advice on the formulation and interpretation of the EMA’s Rules (in particular Contractual Arrangements) prior to engaging with colleagues from the Legal Department.

Profile C: Market and Financial Analysis, including Planning and Reporting

• Proposing and implementing, once validated by Management, an effective Market & Financial Analysis policy with the aim to improve visibility of the Agency’s requirements, volume and quality of offers received by tenders;
• Proposing and implementing, once validated by Management, an effective Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) policy including definition, implementation and monitoring of performance scorecards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the aim to improve vendor performance;
• Conducting market research and financial analysis to determine the best corporate sourcing strategies in line with the Agency’s strategic goals;
• Contributing to the organisation of workshops with economic operators, vendors and other events as necessary;
• Engaging with economic operators and vendors throughout the procurement lifecycle (including pre-procurement activities);
• Performing strategic procurement planning and sourcing with the objective of optimising corporate performance and minimising costs;
• Ensuring the implementation of effective planning, monitoring and reporting of procurement in close cooperation with all EMA Divisions;
• Maintaining and developing the reporting tools on contracts, contributing to the screening, selection and implementation of Commercial Off-The-Shelf Solutions (COTs) needed for an efficient planning and programming process, tendering activity and the management of the contracts;
• Preparing and distributing quantitative reports and statistics related to procurement activities to facilitate decision making, to provide information to stakeholders and to monitor the management of contracts.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for consideration for this position, you are required to:
1. enjoy full rights as a citizen of a EU Member State, or Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway;
2. possess a university degree (minimum 3 years) that must have been obtained by the closing date;
3. have at least 3 years of relevant professional experience, after obtaining the relevant degree, in a procurement role;
4. have a thorough command of English (at least level C1) and a satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the European Union (at least level B2);
5. have fulfilled any obligations imposed by applicable laws concerning military service.
For criteria 1, 2, and 3 above it will be necessary to provide proof (originals) of each one at the interview stage. Failing to provide physical proof of documents will lead to exclusion from the reserve list.

Only candidates eligible will be assessed by the Selection Committee in accordance with the Assessment criteria below.

Essential criteria

• Proven work experience of 3 years in the procurement role and in the duties common to all profiles described in the Job Description section, of which at least 2 years in the tasks outlined in Job Description for the profile of your choice (profile A, B or C);
• Proven work experience in a procurement role, preparing tender dossiers as well as drafting award opinions/dossiers and preparing contracts related to IT, facilities, business consultancy, communication, etc.;
• Proven work experience as a business partner, ensuring implementation of effective planning, execution, monitoring and reporting of procurement and/or contract management activities in a systematic manner;
• Proven work experience in establishing suitable procurement strategy in close collaboration with business counterparts;
• Proven work experience in contract management with respect to the legal, administrative and financial aspects.

Desirable criteria

• Professional knowledge of EU Procurement Rules (EU Public Procurement Directive) and/or EU Financial Regulation and their implementation;
• Proven work experience in a multicultural environment;
• Proven work experience in an EU institution/agency/body or international organization;
• Qualification in procurement (CIPS or equivalent);
• Project management certification or experience in managing complex or cross-organisational projects;
• A university degree in the field that relates to the profile of your choice (A, B or C).

Behavioural competencies

• Analysis and Problem Solving – Able to tackle difficult problems/tasks. Evidence based approach, gathers information from a wide range of sources and viewpoints, analyses and evaluates it and reaches sound conclusions. Proposes constructive solutions, explaining options and choices clearly. Produces well-argued recommendations, which are set in relevant contexts and can be defended convincingly.
• Communicating – Presents a professional image of self, team and Agency. Conveys information clearly and concisely, adjusting style according to purpose and audience. Able to persuade and challenge diplomatically. Persuasive, negotiates effectively, diplomatically and creatively with others to achieve objectives.
• Leadership – Optimistically talks about possibilities, opportunities. Creates environment in which people want to do their best and grow. Can inspire Services/Offices through demonstrated action, leading by example. Invites input from each person and shares visibility. Demonstrates energy and enthusiasm. Focuses on the success of the individual and team as well as business outputs. Able to bring others with them. Takes the initiative, decisive and accountable. Consistently drives to deliver high quality outcomes.
• Team Coordination – Grows a sense of shared identity amongst team. Actively coordinates activities of a subgroup of professionals and promotes a positive team spirit approach, engaging different individuals in the collective effort. Uses appropriate facilitation skills to conduct team meetings. Allows experienced people to be responsible for their work, supports inexperienced colleagues. Promotes camaraderie among the team and contributes to reinforce team morale. Willing to strengthen team resources to support the Agency’s overall success.
• Delivering Quality and Results – Manages own and team’s time effectively, responding flexibly meeting objectives and quality standards. Demonstrates the financial and resource management expertise necessary to achieve results. Professional, focused on delivering quickly and effectively. Takes well-judged risks within own delegated authority. Takes responsibility for the output of the team taking the initiative to reorganise work to deal with changing priorities, risks and opportunities.
• Prioritizing and Organizing – Organises own work and that of team effectively to meet demanding objectives. Uses basic project management techniques to monitor delivery. Aware of resource implications and need to keep internal / external customers and stakeholders and of the wider Agency informed. Strong focus on developing and maintaining efficiency in own and team working practices.
• Resilience – As effective in times of normal business as in times of great pressure. Recognises some organisational frustrations are a feature of working life, but remains upbeat and persists, to deliver despite them. Supports organisational resilience by offering own or team’s support where there is pressure elsewhere. Tackles organisational frustrations within own area of control and is able to mitigate impact of difficulties or frustration originating elsewhere. At this level, demonstrates use of basic change management approaches to introduce change in own area, and has a strong focus on identifying changes which offer improvements in own area.
• Working with Others – Self-aware: shows consideration for others’ needs and motivations, values diversity and inclusion; works effectively and supportively on shared objectives with colleagues and contacts in both the immediate and wider teams to get things done.
• Strategic Thinking – Thinks strategically and plans accordingly, is able to translate the Agency mission into relevant Division/Department/Service or Office objectives. Provides clear direction helping staff to focus on the right things.

Selection procedure timelines

Deadline for applications: 30 January 2020 23:59 CET
Preliminary assessments: 20-27 February 2020
Online tests: 4-6 March 2020
Final assessments: 17-20 March 2020
Decision expected: 27 March 2020

Please note that this is an indicative schedule. It is subject to change in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Selection Process

Only candidates eligible (see Eligibility criteria) will be assessed by the Selection Committee. Suitability of eligible applicants will be assessed against the Assessment criteria in different steps of the selection procedure. Before the start of the selection procedure, the Selection Committee decides which Assessment criteria will be used at each stage of the process. Certain criteria will be assessed / scored only for shortlisted applicants during interviews (and / or tests).


In order to allow the Selection Committee to carry out an objective assessment of all candidates in a structured manner, all candidates must answer the pre-defined set of questions as part of their application. The Selection Committee will therefore assess your suitability for the position, only if you met all the eligibility criteria, using solely the information provided in the responses to those questions. You should therefore include all relevant information in your answers to questions, even if already mentioned in other sections of your application form. The questions are based on the essential and desirable assessment criteria, as well as behavioural competencies included in this vacancy notice. To carry out this assessment, the Selection Committee will first assign each question a weighting that reflects its relative importance, and each of your responses will be awarded points (1 to 10). The points are multiplied by the weighting factor and added up to identify those candidates whose profiles best match the duties to be performed. Only the candidates with the highest total marks at the selection based on qualifications will go through to the next stage.

Preliminary and Final assessments

Next steps of selection may include preliminary assessment (Skype, remote test, etc.) and / or interview and test remotely or in EMA premises. All assessments are based on the Assessment criteria listed in this vacancy notice.
At this stage, the Selection Committee will also look at the remainder of your application form (work experience, education, etc.). As a result of the assessments, the Selection Committee will recommend the most suitable candidate(s) for the post in question to the Executive Director of the EMA. An additional interview may be arranged before the final decision.
Non-recruited, but qualified and suitable candidates will be included in a reserve list, which may also be used for future recruitments. Each interviewed candidate will be notified in writing whether he or she has been placed on the reserve list and for how long the reserve list will be valid. Candidates should note that the placement on the reserve list does not guarantee an employment offer.
More information about selection and recruitment at the EMA is available at:

Interested in this position?

We are happy to get in touch with you! You can send your application by using this link.

Conditions of employment

In principle, the Agency offers a five-year renewable contract.

The monthly basic salary will be equivalent to 5,524.91 €, excluding the local weighting[1] which adjusts salaries to the cost of living in the Netherlands compared to Brussels.

In addition to this basic salary, the jobholder may be entitled to various allowances, in particular expatriation allowance and family allowances, including education allowance for dependent children of school age. The Agency also provides a pension scheme and world-wide health insurance for staff and their dependents. Duty-station weighting is applied to the salary to compensate for the cost of living. The duty-station weighting factor is subject to an annual review. Please consult the Eurostat website for more information about the duty-station weighting factor. Relocation and / or resettlement benefits are available for entry into service.

In case Temporary Agent posts are not available, candidates on the reserve list may be approached to provide written consent to be considered for Contract Agent positions, where justified in the interest of the service. These candidates will remain on the Temporary Agent reserve list and will still be considered for a Temporary Agent post should a suitable post become available. The Contract Agent position differs from the Temporary Agent post, in terms of category, function group, grade and remuneration and career progression.

[1] 111.5% for the Netherlands in 2020