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Proefcollege Consumer Connected Supply Chains

december 2 | 23:29h

Proefcollege Consumer Connected Supply Chains
Datum: 13 november 2012
Locatie: TiasNimbas Business School, Tilburg
Organisatie: TiasNimbas

Trial Lecture: Consumer Connected Supply Chains
By Dr. F. Aertsen at TiasNimbas Business School – 13 November 2012

“The forecast is always wrong, let’s stop forecasting!” Planning and forecasting are at the very heart of the business processes of most industrial companies involving a variety of functional areas such as marketing and sales, finance and logistics. Planning and forecasting have been recognized by practitioners and academics as a key element in supply chain management. Over the last decade, companies have engaged in various improvement programs in this field. According to Aberdeen 70% of the respondents to their survey indicated that they are actively engaged in enhancing their existing sales and operations planning capabilities.

Over the last decade more (consumer) information has become available to manage the supply chain like point-of-sales data, social media, internet search engines and loyalty programs. This potentially delivers a wealth of information to be used to improve companies’ sense and respond capabilities. During the lecture the impact of these developments on supply chain forecasting and planning is assessed.

Topics to be covered include:
• Forecast differentiation to limit human intervention
• Applying social media to forecast promotion and new product forecasting
• The use of internet search information to improve inventory planning
• Crowd casting as a way to improve the reliability of new product forecasting
• The application of control towers in promotion planning
• The outsourcing of the forecasting function

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